A constant advocate for cancer survival and living life to the fullest, Ali is always well received, inspiring, and talented in the most endearing and personable way. She inspires others through speaking engagements, uniquely enhanced by musical performance.

Since her diagnosis in 2010, this four time, Stage IV cancer survivor has experienced the following firsts: published author, sports photographer, professionally recorded her original, Americana music, been the subject of an Emmy nominated film and more, much more.

Ali is inspiring others to lead more daring lives (regardless of their own challenges) through her Indie film series: 12 Adventures (Amazon Prime).

Travel distance: Global

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Contact Ali directly to book: me@aligilmore.com.

FAQ and Speaking Engagement Rates

Why should we hire you?

“EXCELLENT SPEAKER!!!!!!” “What an inspiration!” “Best speaker I’ve ever had at these conferences. She was great!!!” Event planner: “So, no Powerpoint Presentation? Do you have at least a slide show of images?” Ali: “Nope.” Event Planner: “Wow, you must be a powerful speaker to not need any props.” Ali: “(lol), I’d love to take all the credit, but I’d say it’s more the message that’s powerful enough to stand on it’s own.”

That’s from an actual conversation with an event planner and the reviews at the very top there are from that very event. I can tell you right now that I’m not the kind with her head down, glasses on, reading from and shuffling pages, there’s no power point presentation or flashy imaging (other than a cool intro video). I talk the same whether it’s to a friend, a customer or a room full of Harvard professors. Ok, one exception. I do dial back on the swearing in public, but other than that, spot on, Bob’s yer uncle, Frieda’s yer aunt and I, am “Imperfect at its Best.”

I tell a compelling, relatable story straight from the heart of dealing with a daunting diagnosis through humor and a silver lining standpoint, get some laughs, maybe we all wipe a tear or two and when it’s done, you’re less afraid of cancer (and the other things that scare us), energized and inspired. There’s big applause, even bigger hugs and affirmations and a slight dragging of the feet as we part ways because we all genuinely feel connected and had such an amazing time together. Oh, and sometimes I sing. That’s a unique element to my speaking engagements is (when asked) I’ll perform one of my original, Americana songs. It’s my way of showing appreciation to the docs who saved (and keep saving) my lungs. Another nice touch is offering attendees a keepsake of the experience. My books and music CD covers are also customizable and make an excellent memento for conference goers.

Whether its through writing humorous survival guides and blogs, original music, filming amazing adventures on a shoestring budget or speaking in front of a large crowd, I absolutely love hearing how these actions inspire someone else to lead a little bolder, more daring, happier, healthier life.

What should we know about your pricing (e.g., discounts, fees) before hiring you?

I have two home bases: Seattle and San Diego and I travel globally, happily~ Rates: I charge a flat rate of $3k-non-profit | 5k- business/university | 10k for Fortune 500, plus travel. Travel costs include flight, ground transport and accommodations. The estimated cost is included in the quote before booking. Payment: 50% down to book and balance due on date of performance via check or credit card (MC/Visa/Discover). There’s a 3% fee for cc. As much as I love getting paid top rates, if those fees truly aren’t within your budget, don’t let it stop you from reaching out if you’re seriously interested. I’m open to a combination of traditional payment with trade and/or book sales, film and photo sharing and open to suggestions. Let’s talk about the possibilities~

What is your typical process for working with people like us looking to hire an inspiring motivational speaker?

I always like to setup a phone conversation before signing any agreements. I want to be sure I understand what results you want from this performance. Some want a musical performance at the end, or for me to do a meet and greet at a cocktail hour after the speech, or a straight forward speech, followed by a book signing. The speech itself can be catered to your vision. A focus on cancer or adversity in itself and the simple yet effective steps one can take to lead a more daring life regardless of their circumstances. If we’re ready for an agreement, then I suss out the travel costs, include them and we’re ready to sign. I have a standard agreement, but I’m happy to use yours if you prefer. I’m happy to work with whoever you assign to coordinate promotion, AV, etc. 50% deposit upon signing agreement. Balance due on date of performance.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to motivational speaking?

Story telling has always been in my blood, whether it’s standing up to speak, through song or written word. I love a good story. I can thank Toastmasters for teaching me how to speak in public and my Scot-Irish ancestors for the gift of the gab.

How did you get started doing motivational speaking?

I never set out to be a motivational speaker. I think it was just a natural progression from circumstance, but this is what led to it: In the summer of 2010 I was working my 15th year in technology, feeling burnt out and pretty middle aged. If you’d told me then that in the few years to follow I would; face and survive stage IV colon cancer (4 times), publish 2 books that make people less afraid of and better prepared to face cancer, become a sports photographer with a highlight of photographing soccer greats like Ronaldo, Donovan, Keene and David Beckham, record a full length CD of my original, Americana songs, jump out an airplane, swim in the Mediterranean, walk along the Cliffs of Moher and be the subject of an Emmy nominated film (My Human Case: Cancer) and developed a film series that inspires others to lead more daring lives, I would’ve thought you were some kind of twisted Tony Robbins wannabe, but this has been my life to date and it just keeps getting better.

What types of customers have you worked with?

Medical associations, Cancer charities, Radio hosts, Podcasters, Realtors, Filmmakers, people from just about every walk of life who are looking for some inspiration.

Describe a recent speaking engagement you are fond of. How long did it take?

ASRT (American Society of Radiologic Technologist) contacted me to speak at their annual convention which happened to be in San Diego (where I live) and just before I was to fly off on my annual “Yay, I’m still alive~” adventure in Europe. It was the first time, I was able to address directly such a large number of people who’s career choice helped to save my life. To be able to thank them, make them laugh, inspire them, was an amazing feeling. They rated my performance a 4.85 out 5 and I received dozens of exuberant responses. Here is one of my favorites; “Best speaker I have ever seen at ASRT!!!! Thank you for sharing your story. Such an inspiration.” The entire ASRT Conference review of Ali Gilmore is available to view upon request.

What advice would you give someone looking to hire an inspirational motivational speaker/performer?

Motivational speakers…there are so many these days. I’d say do a little googling on them. Not just the links they provide. Don’t assume a visually appealing portfolio will make a great speaker or a not so perfect one means a dull speaker. Definitely don’t book anyone without at least talking to them on the phone first. You can tell so much about someone from just hearing their voice.

What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals like yourself about their project?

Be upfront about your budget. Nothing worse for either side to have to tip toe around dollar signs. Make your best offer, your first offer. The compensation you offer a motivational speaker is a direct reflection of how high a value you place on their personal experience and ability to relay it. If you really are drawn to a particular speaker, but their rates are way over your budget, don’t let that stop you from making an honest offer. Many speakers are willing to be flexible and accept different forms of compensation beyond money. But, money, is our favorite, it’s true~