There are plenty of things on my bucket list, but since I’m currently grounded from International travel, then exploring the U.S. it is
Here’s what’s left that I hope to accomplish if all goes well.
Want to help make these happen?
Here’s the contribution page:

Return to Hawaii (Travel Companion = Michelle)

    • Adventure – relive my early 20’s by revisiting Oahu and going on the shark encounter with cage/sharks/snorkel
    • Cost: Approx.. $1,500 for 3 nights/4 days
    • When? Aug/September

Hello Nashville (Travel Companion = Meredith)

  • Adventure: Visit Knoxville where my good friend has cousins who host a weekend long blue grass festival.
  • Cost: Approx. $1,000 for 4 nights/5 days
  • When? September 19-22nd (my birthday weekend)

Road Trip East Coast Adventure(s) (Travel Companion = Meredith plus Brenda on the Mystic Pizza tour)



        • Order and devour a fresh lobster





          • Take in a slice of Mystic Pizza (who doesn’t love pizza and that movie).