Ali Gilmore – A Tale of “Imperfection at its Best”

In the summer of 2010 I was working my 15th year in technology, feeling burnt out and pretty middle aged.
If you’d told me then that in the few years to follow I would; face and survive stage IV colon cancer (4 times), publish 2 books that make people less afraid of and better prepared to face cancer, become a sports photographer with a highlight of photographing soccer greats like Ronaldo, Donovan, Keene and David Beckham, record a full length CD of my original, Americana songs, jump out an airplane, swim in the Mediterranean, walk along the Cliffs of Moher and be the subject of an Emmy nominated film (My Human Case: Cancer), I would’ve thought you were some kind of twisted Tony Robbins wannabe, but this has been my life to date and it just keeps getting better.

So after all that, what’s next? I’m going on 12 adventures…
—Ali Gilmore

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